• Glass Energy – Window Solar Films

    3M Window Solar Films

    Create a more comfortable space while saving energy and lowering utility bills

    • Reduce HVAC consumption 10%-15%
    • Decrease interior temperatures by 10- 16°F
    • Instantly improve tenant comfort
    • Aesthetic improvement, increase real-estate value
    • Qualifies for up to 11 LEED points
    • Increase E- Star Portfolio rating


    Take advantage of utility company rebates in addition to the already aggressive savings.

    The US Department of Energy (DOE) conducted a study of the most common energy measures used on commercial buildings and ranked window film as one of the most aggressive energy conservation technologies available to building owners.

    White Plains Plaza

    Before 3M Window Solar Film

    • Two 16 story towers over 800,000 SF tenant space
    • Thermal loss through single pane glass
    • Consistent heating and cooling challenges
    • Unhappy tenants
    • Cushman Wakefield energy inspired project with DOE analysis
    • Candidate for window replacements

    After 3M Sun Control Window Film in Each Building

    • 3M Night Vision 15 installed on 120K’ square feet of glass
    • Installation completed in 2 months
    • 165,000 kWh savings per month
    • Con Edison rebate paid 35% of total project cost
    • Payback period less than 10 months VS 30 years on window replacements
    • Payback for single pane glass in as little as 1.4 years
    • Payback for double pane glass in as little as 2.1 years
    • Savings of 19 kWh / sq ft of installed film
    • Feel the difference immediately
    • Reduce wintertime heating thermal loss

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