• 3M Commercial Window Film Products

    Commercial Window Films

    Windows are an architectural necessity but are inefficient and can be a building’s, Achilles Heel. In fact:

    • Sunlight is the main cause for a building overheating and is responsible for as much as 30% of the total cooling costs in commercial buildings.
    • The DOE estimates thermal winter heat loss and solar gains in the summer time through windows can cost commercial buildings & homes in the U.S. upwards of $25 billion per year in heating and cooling costs.
    • Reduce energy bills and improve tenant comfort while earning LEED credits!
    • 3M Security films help keep outside dangers outside by significantly delaying forced entry.
    • Improve interior occupant and asset safety by reducing flying projectiles and glass in the event of a bomb blast or seismic event.

    3M Window Solar & Security Films

    Additional benefits of a solar and security film that pays for itself over time:

    • Reduce up to 30% of HVAC expenses
    • Instantly improve tenant comfort
    • Open blinds, turn off lights, allow for natural light
    • Stabilize interior climate by up to 12 degrees
    • Earn up to 11 LEED points, Improve E-Star rating
    • Reduce the risk of unwanted entry
    • Protection against weather events and bomb blasts
    • 3M Decorative films that look and feel like etched glass
    • Decrease the cost of graffiti cleanup
    • Window film that utilizes the sun’s energy to transfer light directly into tenant workspace reducing electric lighting costs.