• Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Film

    Window Film That Reduces Electromagnetic Interference:

    Electromagnetic Interference window film is widely used in secure and public environments to prevent unwanted eavesdropping and wireless data breach. EMI films help scramble and reflect malicious incoming radio frequencies and shield against electromagnetic radiation from penetrating directly through windows. In addition to minimizing data breach, it helps to reduce human exposure to harmful RF/EMF waves. EMI shielding window film can help reduce data breach by controlling signal or noise levels, utilizing EMIC-Electromagnetic Interference Control. 3M’s EMI Window Films keep electronic equipment safe by meeting today’s most rigorous security protocols.

    EMI Shielding Window Film helps protect electronic equipment from the harmful effects of:

    • High power transmitters (radar, FM, etc.)
    • Nuclear effects – electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
    • Malicious EM waves that can interfere with the performance of electronic devices.
    • EM waves are reduced (attenuated) through absorption or reflection by conductive surfaces (shields) such as window film.
    • Helps to reduce direct exposure of radiation associated with 5G through windows.