• 3M Window Films for Hospital Facilities

    3M Safety & Security Films

    Domestic Terrorism and severe weather events are on the rise in the U.S.

    Hospitals across the United States are working to increase the safety and comfort of their patients and workers.  3M Safety & Security films not only provide a safer environment but a more comfortable one.

    Hybrid Solar Window Films & Security Window Films

    Most hospitals in the U.S. contain large amounts of glass to create a light, bright and cheerful environment. These same windows can pose a challenge in terms of patient comfort, security, and energy. Hospitals have been turning to GlassEnergy for almost 40 years to provide solutions for the inherent vulnerabilities of glass.  3M window films help hold the glass in place during severe weather events, bomb blasts and active shootings. Hospitals are seeing the financial benefits of installing hybrid solar & security film to save money by reducing their utility bills while keeping patients and staff safe.

    Safer & more comfortable Hospitals with 3M Window Films

    • Reduce the risk of injury from flying glass projectiles.
    • Help keep outside dangers outside.
    • Improve patient and staff comfort by reducing the UV and solar heat gain that enters directly from windows.
    • Enjoy energy savings by lowering HVAC loads 12 months out of the year. – A security measure that pays for itself!
    • 3M security films decrease the risk of operational downtime during severe weather events by keeping the glass in place after impact.