• 3M Window Film Product – Frequently Asked Questions

    Window Film Products – FAQ

    What can I expect the window film to look like after its installed?
    Please see our 3M’s window film simulator to see how the film will look after installation. We also provide cut samples upon request to help with the decision making.

    Can I install 3M Window Films myself?
    3M Window Films are licensed products and installed by professional 3M Window Film Installers.

    What are window films made of?
    Window films are made from various polyesters and flexible polymers that are co-extruded during manufacturing. The result is a thin, transparent film that is applied to the glass when a pressure sensitive adhesive is activated with nontoxic baby shampoo and water! A truly green product!

    Is window film installed on the inside or outside of the glass?
    In most cases, window film is installed on the interior surface of a window. If we are unable to obtain access to the interior side of the glass 3M offers exterior films for these rare instances.

    How is window film installed?
    *The work area is prepared by laying drop clothes on furniture and window sill area. The glass surface and frame to which the film is being applied is thoroughly cleaned with a soap and water solution and blade scraped if necessary to remove all dirt and residue.
    *The glass is re-measured and exact cut to size
    *The film and glass are wet with a soap solution
    *The film is applied to the glass then pressure is applied using a squeegee to remove all water. Trim as needed.
    *Wipe down film and window sill to guarantee a clean installation

    How long can I expect the film to last?
    The life expectancy of window film varies based on different scenarios. (climate, exposure to sun, etc.). Window film typically will last for 20 years and beyond if regularly cleaned and subject to abuse. Enjoy a residential lifetime film warranty that covers bubbling, blistering fading, and peeling. Limited warranty applied to commercial applications.

    **Please see the actual warranty for more information.

    Can I expect energy savings?
    The amount of energy saved depends on existing glass and film chosen. Other factors are current energy costs per kWh and the geographic location of the building or home. On large commercial buildings, we offer a 3M Energy simulation and audit to determine the reduction in kWh and month over month as well as annual dollars saved.

    Does window film reduce fading of floors and furnishings?
    Many factors contribute to fading. According to the International Window Film Association. 10% of fading is caused by miscellaneous factors (i.e. fabric color, material,) 25% is caused by heat or infrared. 25% is caused by the light itself. The remaining 40% is caused by UV rays. 3M window films can reduce up to 95% of the suns effect on fading of floors and interior furnishings.

    How is window film cleaned?
    3M Window films may be cleaned with Windex or other common glass cleaners. (including ammonia-based products) A simple dish washing soap or baby shampoo solution (1 cap per 32 Oz.) is most effective and is nontoxic to humans or pets! Microfiber towels or paper towels may be used. We do not recommend abrasive cleaning products, razor blades, wire bristle brushes or scouring pads which will scratch and damage the film. We do not recommend the use of scotch tape or adhering anything to the film as this will void the warranty. If you must affix something to the glass, we recommend a low adhesive (blue painters) tape. Please wait at least 4 weeks to clean the windows after installation.