• Utility Rebates with 3M Window Films

    Window Film Rebates

    Window Films may earn third-party project subsidies from an endorsement of local utility companies. Utility companies have issued rebates on the installation of window film by as much as 50%.

    Power companies have realized it’s more cost-effective to assist a building owner in reducing their overall consumption than it is to build a new infrastructure keep up with increased demand.

    Window films may qualify for a prescriptive or custom rebate. Prescriptive rebates for window film is based on a fixed price per square foot of window film that is being installed and that percentage is issued back to the building owner. Rebate amounts range from $.45 / Sq Ft – $2.00 / Sq Ft. States where you can find prescriptive rebates for window film include New York, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, and California.

    How to Obtain a Window Film Rebate:

    • Onsite audit to inspect and measure entire glass envelope.
    • Submit building and EFILM data to the local power company.
    • Utility company verifies and determines the rebate amount.
    • Building owner issues GlassEnergy a purchase order to proceed with the installation.
    • GlassEnergy installs window film as proposed.
    • The power company will perform a post site work inspection.
    • Building owner receives a rebate check from their utility company.

    **Contact a GlassEnergy representative today for a no risk no obligation assessment to learn more about rebates in your area!

    3M Window Film – EFILM

    Custom rebates are evaluated based on the simulated values window film products will save the building after installation. To determine the specific effect a window film will have on a structure, 3M uses a program called EFILM.

    This program is based on the Department of Energy’s Energy Plus platform. EFILM will model the before and after effect that a window film product will have on a building as well as the savings. The report is submitted to the utility company to validate the performance results and issue a rebate amount.