Collected Information
    Like many other websites, our web servers store different log files. Information includes visitor IP addresses, the type of browser, the referring page, and the time of visit.

    Cookies may be used to remember user preferences as they browse the website. Any visitor registration information, including emails and usernames, will be stored on the server.

    Cookies are tiny digital signature files which are stored by web browsers. This allows for your browsing preferences to be recorded and saved on our website. They are also used to track return visits, and third-party advertising companies often use cookies for tracking purposes.

    How Information Is Used
    All collected information is utilized to enhance visitor experience while on our website via personalized content and potential opportunities for advertising.

    Email addresses will never be put up for sale, rented out, or otherwise leased out to third-parties. Sometimes, emails might be sent out from our company to pass along news and information about our services.

    Options For Visitors
    If you have subscribed to one of our services, you can follow instructions in emails from our company to unsubscribe. You might be able to block cookies in your browser, but this might prevent you from seeing or having access to specific features of our website.