• 3M Window Films for Storefront Properties

    3M Solar & Security Films Help to Protect Valuable Inventory

    Window displays are a beautiful way to make a statement for marketing various types of business merchandise.  These same windows can create unwanted problems such as uncomfortable heat, UV fading and the risk of smash and grab robbery.  

    3M Window Film Enhances Storefront Windows

    Solar heat gain, UV and infrared penetrate through unprotected windows causing millions of dollars of inventory damage loss each year.  3M Solar & Security films help to protect valuable inventory, such as fine art, furniture, floors, and clothing.

    In addition to protecting the interior contents and inventory, 3M Solar & security films go even one step further by helping reduce the threat of smash & grab robberies.   3M Security films are designed to hold the glass in place after undergoing repeated impact, gunfire, and severe weather events.

    What you can expect from 3M Solar & Security Film:

    • Help reduce inventory damage and fading by cutting UV rays up to 99.9%
    • Reduce the threat of vandals and would-be smash & grab robbery by keeping the glass in place after repeated impact.
    • Keep customers and employees comfortable by eliminating uncomfortable solar heat gain and annoying glare.
    • Save money 12 months on reducing HVAC costs
    • A security system that works 24/7, no electric required!