• Insulating Thermal Loss – Sun Control Films


    Similar to sun control films in rejecting incoming solar radiation, these films have a unique patented construction that allows them to reflect man made heat back into the room.

    They help reduce the amount of heat loss through windows in areas that require heating systems. These products work for you 24 hours a day in cooler climates and on all sides of the building, even the sides that do not get incoming solar radiation.

    View sample Sun Control Window Film Products:

    3M Sun Control Film

    White Plains Plaza

    Before 3M Window Film

    • Two 16 story towers over 800,000 SF tenant space
    • Thermal loss through single pane glass
    • Consistent heating and cooling challenges
    • Unhappy tenants
    • Cushman Wakefield energy inspired project with DOE analysis
    • Candidate for window replacements

    After 3M Window Film Each Building

    • 3M Night Vision 15 installed on 120K’ square feet of glass
    • Installation completed in 2 months
    • 165,000 kWh savings per month
    • Con Edison rebate paid 35% of total project cost
    • Payback period less than 10 months VS 30 years on window replacements

    Benefits: 3M Sun Control Window Films

    • High heat rejection provides energy savings and improved comfort
    • Stay cooler by reducing excessive heat in warmer months
    • Stay warmer by reducing heat loss in cooler months
    • Reduces fading and helps to protect furnishings
    • Comprehensive 3M manufacturer’s warranty
    • Reduces glare and eye discomfort
    • Increases personal safety from flying glass