Sustainability Partners

Interior Designers, Flooring companies, Home Furnishing companies, and Window Treatment companies

Are you an interior design company, flooring or home furnishing company? Looking to increase your profit and make extra money on your sale? Then we have great news for you. GlassEnergy offers partnership programs that let you add value and tremendous benefit to your existing services. Let us show you how to help your customers protect their costly investment on new furnishings and home improvements by eliminating harmful UV rays from penetrating the home or building by 99.9%. 3M films carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval allowing your customer to be assured that they will eliminate exposure to harmful UV while in their home and will virtually have absolutely no fading of flooring, furniture, or window treatments. 3M technology does that and more. It will reduce heat entering the home by 70%, cut annoying glare by 85% while being able to enjoy the view to outside. The best part they will save money each month on utility bills and qualify for a $1,500 tax write off under the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.” Show them how by simply installing film they will see immediate savings each month, helping them offset the cost of their new furnishings.