Safety And Security


Private Corporations and Government Agencies around the world protect their buildings from natural disasters and the threat of terrorism with 3M Scotchshield films. Clear and inconspicuous, these films prevent glass from shattering and flying inside, preventing serious injury or loss of life.

Fact: Did you know 3M’s Ultra 400 has been trusted & installed at U.S. military bases nationwide?

Are you a government, military or law enforcement facility that makes worker safety and building security top priority? The threat of terrorism and corporate sabotage is on the rise worldwide. GlassEnergy helps you prepare and minimize your risk by making all of your potential glass entry access points virtually indestructible.

3M Security Films control “glass failure” reduce overall damage and protect people and property from flying shattered glass. 3M Scotch Shield is made from engineered layers of tear resistant polyester film bonded by special adhesives, combined with the added benefit of 3M’s sun control films gives you the strongest and most solar efficient film you can buy.

Counter Intelligence Films protect WIFI and IT networks from hackers by creating an invisible shield of protection on existing windows & doors giving you a 24-7 signals defense.

Of course the greatest security comes from knowing you received the best installation. GlassEnergy is the East coast’s premiere window film dealer of 3M Window films for over 25 years. A GlassEnergy application is guaranteed to exceed your performance safety goals. Caring for your 3M film is trouble & maintenance free.

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